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Chief Lending Officer

As a Chief Lending Officer, you’re responsible for policies and procedures of lending activities, adherence to regulations, tracking employee performance, and establishing long-term portfolio growth. To stay competitive with the limited pool of creditworthy buyers, you aim for a reasonable rate of return while delivering quick turnarounds. If the process gets clogged or borrowers don’t cooperate, your deal’s probability of closing declines with every minute of delay. You may struggle with:

  • Security: Suffered document loss and storage risk
  • Governance: Lack of an accurate checklist
  • Collaboration: Limited transparency to share documents between departments
  • Productivity: PDFs arrive unusable and need to be cleaned up

CirrusLS provides streamlined, customizable checklists to keep your staff and borrowers on track with eSignature and accuracy with easy drag and drop capabilities. Cloud-based capabilities ensure real-time status transparency of documents that are missing, uploaded, and accepted—giving you a one-stop portal for tracking your document collection and ensuring a product that is both consistent and accurate.

"Time Kills Deals" Waiting on Borrower

Inaccurate Document Submissions Interfere with Prequalification

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, you’re responsible for technology systems that work. Performance, stability and security are top priorities in implementing a software system, and when everyone uses their own system, tracking and maintenance become impossible and security is compromised. You may struggle with:

  • Security: Document storage difficulty and risk of loss
  • Governance: Inability to manage non-standardized collection systems
  • Collaboration: Difficulty tracking user actions
  • Productivity: Non-technical user difficulty

CirrusLS provides maximum document security with automated and audited backups and patent pending Sleep State Encryption (SSE). The standardized, user-friendly system with robust real-time activity log ensures that all users are on the same page, clearing up confusion and minimizing user questions—ultimately giving you peace of mind while saving you time.

Suffered Document Loss and Divided Storage Risk

Difficulty Tracking User and Document Actions

Chief Credit Officer

As Chief Credit Officer, you cut through the wave of documents to ensure all loans are properly approved or denied, and your company’s procedures are compliant and efficient. You ensure the overall quality of the Bank’s lending portfolio. But what if the document collection process is clouded in inconsistency and lacking proper tracking or access? If a loan procedure or policy fails, it falls back on you. You may struggle with:

  • Security: Difficulty tracking use of document activity
  • Governance: Lax controls over document usage
  • Collaboration: Documents for Credit Analysis missing
  • Productivity: Approval decision delay due to unavailable supporting documents

CirrusLS gives you an easy solution for your loan processes and policies to ensure smooth access to all documents in a single portal that you can securely review anytime, anywhere. Customizable checklists with notes allow you to request and track documents smoothly. Once you have them all, CirrusLS enables you to reinforce the Credit Analysis with controlled access of all supporting documents made available to loan committee members.

Missing Documents for Credit Analysis

Approval Decision Delay Due to Unavailable Supporting Documents

Loan Operations Manager

As the Loan Operations Manager, you coordinate between multiple parties for a seamless deal flow and you work to maintain positive customer relations with borrowers, outside counsel and insurance agents. You are responsible for reviewing loan requests to ensure accuracy, completeness, and compliance requirements. But if the document status is uncertain or unaccessible and the process slows, you have an irritated team and borrower. You may struggle with:

  • Security: Ensure tracking of final document status
  • Governance: Final checklist is disconnected from docs
  • Collaboration: Inability to access documents interdepartmentally
  • Productivity: Opaque document status leads to repetitive document requests

CirrusLS provides you with a turnkey solution to lockdown final documents while expediting the entire loan document collection process. With checklists directly connected to each document, keeping all parties (including yourself) on track and real-time document status updates, CirrusLS ensures transparency and efficiency for the quickest loan turnaround.

Inability to Share Document Access Between Departments

Uncertain Document Status Leads to Repetitive Document Requests

Offering the practical solution

to common issues associated with lending services.


From login to final document submission, the entire document collection process occurs in the safest environment. With backups during both transfer and storage states, documents have zero chances of being lost.  View our Security Policy


Cloud-based system allows collaboration on the entire loan process from anywhere, streamlining document management and ensuring all parties have real-time status updates throughout the process.


Document management is our specialty and with our software we have made it easy to compile and manage documents so everything is together where you need it.


  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Login process provides ultimate password security for all users
  • Continuous Encryption: Fully-audited and automated backup system keeps your documents in maximum security through redundancy and enhanced sleep-state-encryption
  • Customizable Access: Your managers predetermine which users can access which documents so no one has access they shouldn’t
  • No Document Loss: Proprietary technology allows you to ‘turn off’ Recycle Bin purging to avoid accidental deletion
  • Secure Document Sharing: throughout entire process


  • Customizable Checklists: Share automated checklists with borrower to inform them of loan status
  • Standardized Submission: System converts all documents into a standardized, electronic format and collates into single PDF file for smooth and compliant submission
  • No File Size Restrictions: Proprietary storage and delivery system ensures your large files are never too large to transfer
  • PDF Management Enabled: Uploaded documents can be merged or split within platform with PDF document management so you never have to exit platform during process
  • Transparent Status: Streamlines document requests to borrowers with a single, clear checklist that shows if documents are missing, received, or accepted
  • Activity Traffic Log: Tracks activity by user login and IP for real-time status and transparency of progress between all users, loans, and features


  • Consolidation: Compile all documents into one single PDF for easy viewing and storage.

API Integration

Cirrus allows seamless integration with your software through our custom API making your job even easier. Ask about custom integration into your software.


Your managers customize loan types and document-level access to ensure efficiency of process and consistency of final submission.


Cirrus increases ROI by allowing managers to allocate workload and track process status, while empowering all users with intuitive platform with integrated help videos.

API Integration

  • Integration: Seamless & secure integration of Cirrus functionalities in third party applications.
  • Implementation: Implements stronger authentication via OAuth 2.0
  • Easy Development: Offers developers interactive API documentation through Swagger.


  • Assign Access by Role: KPI dashboard helps your manager to assign loans and manage individual performance efficiently
  • Preformatted File Layout: The Package Template feature allows your manager to customize loan types and document sequence, ensuring you have all the documents you need for a variety of loan types
  • Consistent Submission: Finalize loan submission with your branding for consistency and professionalism


  • KPI Dashboard: Managers establish goals and allocate workload in KPI dashboard, then track the speed of the entire document collection process
  • Quick File Transfer: Allows users to drag-and-drop documents of any size, and reduces file size continuously for quicker transfer
  • Intuitive User Interface: Allows managers to enable/disable features and users to watch integrated help videos to ensure easy onboarding
Best Practices Update

Document collection with Cirrus is often best completed with a combination of the Cirrus Personal SiteDrop link within your everyday email that is followed up with a targeted Checklist that is edited on a timely basis after it has been sent out. The new Edit Sent Checklist feature enables the ability to reduce and/or expand the customer-facing checklist to provide a truly dynamic Secure Document Portal experience for your customers.


About Cirrus LS

Cirrus provides our clients with a high-performance software-as-a-service platform that streamlines the collection of commercial loan documentation in an encrypted, cloud-based portal—replacing the clunky collection mechanisms of the past with a sleek, comprehensive system designed for their needs.

Secure Loan Document Collection Portal

Built by lenders, the Cirrus platform enhances the efficiency of the loan process with features such as automated checklists, logins for all parties in the loan process, real-time activity logs, and the highest levels of security.  View our Security Policy

Meet The Team

The Team at CirrusLS brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to effectively target challenges and create solutions to streamline the critical aspect of document collection for the commercial lending industry.

David Brooks


John Steele

President / CPO

Nick Reed

Account Manager

Adam Ainsworth


Diana Ritter


Lijo Joseph

Product Developement

Jonathan Russo

UI Designer


Amanda Holmes

Director of Sales, SBA Lending

Cirrus Careers

CirrusLS provides our clients with a high-performance software-as-a-service platform that streamlines commercial loan systems by aggregating all lending documentation into an encrypted, cloud-based portal—replacing the clunky collection systems of the past with a sleek, comprehensive system designed for their needs.
Built by lenders, the CirrusLS platform enhances the efficiency of the loan process with features such as automated checklists, logins for all parties in the loan process, real-time activity logs, and the highest levels of security with continuous encryption. Our platform is the most efficient in the commercial lending space, and our loyal customer base attests to our collaborative support of our clients’ needs.
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Why join us? As we build our client base, we are looking for talented and experienced professionals to join our growing team. At CirrusLS, you will have an incredible growth opportunity with a competitive salary, benefits package, and perks. Here are our current opportunities:


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